What to do when your cockatiel doesn’t want to go back in their cage

As we all know, cockatiels are very stubborn birds. Getting them back in their cage when they don’t want to can be tricky, but sometimes they have to go back for their safety. In this article, I will help you set yourself and your cockatiel up for success when it comes to getting them to go in their cage.

Make their cage the most fun place to be

The first and most important step to get your cockatiel to go back to their cage willingly is to make it appealing to them. Although it’s a great idea to have play stands and toys for them spread across the room, the cage should be the most fun place to be for them. So if your cockatiel has that one special toy that is their favourite, make sure it is only available inside their cage. This way, your bird gets their favourite toy as an instant reward every time they go inside their cage.

Aside from just their favourite toy, make sure the cage has plenty of space, perches and fun toys. Most cockatiels that don’t want to go back to their cages after being out for a while, see their cage as being less fun than the space around it. By making the cage more fun your cockatiel will be more willing to spend time inside.

Homemade toys are easy to make

Prevent loneliness

Cockatiels are flock animals, meaning they need company at all times to feel fulfilled. If your cockatiel is an only bird, they might associate their cage with feeling lonely and will try to avoid going in. If you can, always keep cockatiels in pairs or groups so they can keep each other company and exhibit natural flock behaviour. If you can’t keep more than one cockatiel, make sure you spend time with your bird while inside and outside the cage so they don’t associate the cage with you leaving them alone. You don’t have to sit by their cage 24/7, but saying hi every time you walk by or having a chat with them now and then can come a long way.

Make food only available inside the cage

If your cockatiel has a hard time returning to their cage after playtime, a solution can be to only make their meals available inside the cage. That way, your bird will learn that if they get hungry, they need to go back inside their cage. If you do this, make sure you keep the cage open while your cockatiel is out so they can get food when they need to.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some helpful tips to set you and your cockatiel up for success when it comes to getting them to go back in their cage. It will take multiple tries to get these methods to work, so don’t worry if it takes more time than you expected.

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