How to get an untamed budgie back in its cage

Getting an untamed budgie back in their cage can be extremely tricky, but not impossible when using the right techniques. Your bird has escaped their cage or you let them out willingly to explore the house, at some point your budgie will need to return to their home. If you are reading this article before letting your untamed budgie out I’d advise you to spend some time taming your bird first before letting them out the cage. Getting a tame budgie to go back in is a lot less stressful than doing this with an untamed bird. Click on the link down below to read my article on taming your budgie. However, if your untamed budgie is out already, you’ve come to the right place.

Method 1: Bedtime little birdie!

For this method, your bird needs to see their cage as their home. All you need for this method to get your budgie back to their cage is a little night light. Place the night light inside or close to the cage. Then make the room as dark as possible. Your budgie’s instincts will make them think that it’s night time and that they need to sleep soon. If they see their cage as their home they will likely go back in to sit on their favorite perch to sleep. The night light is important here so your budgie doesn’t fly into the walls of the cage when trying to locate it.

Method 2: Lure them with their favorite treat

Every budgie has a favorite treat. Use this to lure them back into the cage. Show your bird the treat and make sure they keep looking at it when you place it in the cage. Then simply walk away and wait for your budgie to take the bait. As soon as they are in the cage enjoying their treat you can quickly close the door.

Method 3: Make them hungry

This one will only work if it’s been a while since your budgie has eaten anything, or if you have a lot of time to wait. Take all the food out of the room (this includes treats) so that the food bowl in the cage is the only source of food for your budgie. They will get hungry eventually and return to their cage on their own to eat. once your bird is enjoying its delicious meal you can simply close the cage door.

Method 4: Let your budgie step up on a perch

Untamed budgies can have variating responses when you offer them a stick to step onto. If your bird immediately flies away scared this is not the right method for your budgie. However, if they respond calmly to the stick you presented you can try to get them to step up. Do this by pressing the stick to their lower belly, (right above their feet) and applying light pressure. Your budgie will have no choice but to step up to maintain their balance. You can also try to lure them onto the stick by holding their favorite treat behind it so they have to step up to reach it. Once your bird is perching on the stick you can slowly (!) walk towards the cage and place the stick inside. Let your bird hop onto another perch, pull out the stick and close the cage door.

If all else fails...

If you have tried all of the above and nothing seems to work there’s only one thing left you can do. However: I STRONGLY advise against using this method if you don’t ABSOLUTELY have to since this will be stressful for your budgie. It will also make them lose the little bit of trust they might have in you. Your last resort is catching them. Don’t ever catch them with your bare hands though. This will cause even more stress to your bird and you might accidentally hurt them if you grab them the wrong way. On top of that, they will start to view your hand as a dangerous predator that’s out to get them. A better option is to throw a light towel over your budgie so it can’t fly off. Then gently pick them up while keeping them in the towel. Place the bird in the cage and take the towel off. Then close the cage door.

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