Do budgies and cockatiels get along?

Many people who are new to owning parrots or have only had either of the species wonder if budgies and cockatiels get along with each other. In this article, I will talk about if budgies and cockatiels will get along when introduces to one another and whether or not they can be housed together.

Will a budgie and a cockatiel get along?

In most cases: yes. However, it depends on the personality and history of each bird. Some budgies will get along great with cockatiels, while others are simply not a good match. For example, my personal cockatiel Falky has a very chill personality. For this reason, he gets along just fine with my budgie Charlie, who prefers to do his own thing. He, however, doesn’t get along at all with my other budgie, Sky. She is very possessive of her humans and will bully by pulling his feathers when he gets attention from us. This type of behaviour can cause stress and anger in cockatiels, who usually have a more laid back personality. 

If either of the birds has a history of not getting along with the other species (maybe in a former home or pet store), there is a big chance they won’t get along now. If you already own one species and want to add one of the other species to your flock, it’s important to know the personality of your current bird very well. Then you can ask a reputable breeder if they can match you with a bird that has a personality that will match that of your current birds. This is never a 100% guarantee of them being a good match, but it will increase the chances of them getting along with one another.

How to introduce a budgie and a cockatiel to each other

When introducing a budgie and a cockatiel to each other, it’s best to do this on natural grounds, outside their cages. This way neither can get possessive over toys, food or water. When introducing a new bird to the flock, regardless of species, you ideally will have to follow a few important steps. These steps are explained in my article ‘How to introduce a new budgie to your flock‘. In this article, I also describe how I introduced my cockatiel Falky to my budgies, Sky and Charlie.

Can budgies and cockatiels be housed in the same cage?

The internet seems to be pretty divided on this topic. Some say it will be fine, others say it’s a bad idea. I stand somewhere in the middle of this. I would absolutely advise AGAINST having budgies and cockatiels together in a regular flight cage. This is mainly for safety reasons and the mental well-being of your birds. Budgies are generally high energy birds that like to flap around their cage most of the time, while cockatiels are usually more laid back in nature. This mismatch of energy levels can cause stress for your cockatiel because they don’t have a chance to get away from the budgie(s) when they need to. In addition to this, if your cockatiel and budgie were to ever get into a fight, your budgie wouldn’t stand a chance against a cockatiel that is twice their size, and they can’t get away from them.

However, I do strongly believe that they do great in sharing the space outside of their cages. When playing together outside of the cage, your cockatiel can choose to get away from the budgie(s). They even can go back to their cage if they need rest. If you see your cockatiel returning to their cage on their own, it’s best to close the cage as this might be an indication that they’re not interested in having a budgie close to them. 

I also believe that if you want to house a cockatiel and budgie ‘together’ you can do so by using a big flight cage with a divider. This way, your birds can still communicate with each other, but they can’t physically reach one another. By choosing this type of setup, your birds will have their social needs met, but their need for rest will also be met.

Hopefully, this article has answered your question on whether or not budgies and cockatiels will get along with each other. If you would like to learn more about budgies and cockatiels, you’ve come to the right place as there are plenty of other articles to read on this topic.

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Do budgies and cockatiels get along?

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