4 tips to stop your budgie from flying into windows

Letting your budgie out of their cage is great for their enrichment. However, letting them out doesn’t come without dangers and challenges. The risk of them flying into windows is one of them. If a budgie flies into a window it can lead to serious damage to their bodies. And with the right speed, even death, as they can break their necks from the impact. In this article, I will give you five tips to prevent your budgie from flying into windows.

Put stickers on your windows

The main issue with budgies and windows is that they can’t see them. They think it’s an unobstructed way outside that they can fly through without any issues. By putting big stickers on your windows, you make them much more visible to them. It’s best to use big stickers that are meant for windows. That way, you cover the most ground and you can easily remove them once your budgie is used to the invisible barrier being there.

Hang up net curtains

By hanging up net curtains you will still have the benefits of getting natural light inside but without the risk of your budgie flying into the window. You can start by closing your net curtains all the way and slowly opening them further over a few weeks. This way, you limit the space your budgie could potentially fly into the window and introduce them to its existence safely.

Encourage them to explore the window safely

Allowing your budgie to explore the window will take away the mystery for them. This makes the window less interesting over time, causing them to lose interest in it. The best way to let your budgie explore the window at their own pace is to stick some soap holders with suction cups to your window, and put some treats in them. You simply carry your budgie to the soap holder and encourage them to step on it by using treats. This allows your budgie to explore the window and acknowledge its existence by touching it carefully.

Don’t let them lick the window if you use chemical window cleaners. Try to use natural window cleaners before letting your budgie close to it.

A soap holder makes a great window perch

Show them that the window exists

Similarly to the previous method, you bring your budgie to the window and have them investigate it. You can show them that the window exists by softly tapping it with your finger. The sound will likely intrigue your budgie and encourage them to further investigate it on their own. Make sure you don’t tap too hard, as the sound might scare your budgie away. 

Hopefully this article has given you some useful tips on how to keep your budgie safe around windows. When getting a budgie, it is our responsibility to overcome or work around obsticles, rather than just sticking them in a cage for their own safety. This is why we at Birdiepedia are so passionate to help bird owners achieve this goal.

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